About Salty Baby

Welcome to Salty Baby! We're an online swimsuit shop for Moms and their babies with a mission of making it easier to change your Salty Baby at the beach or the pool. All of our baby suits have snaps between the legs, making diaper changing a breeze. 






Our matching momma suits are designed to feature silhouettes that make you feel confident and fashionable in the most current trends. The scrunch butt feature on the booty is the most flattering design detail, while the low cut fronts leave easy access for breastfeeding. xoxo


The Salty Baby Story

My name is Tina Santorella. Three years ago I became a first time mom to my daughter Layna. Being that we live in Southern California, within a few months of her arrival, we found ourselves at beach or the pool a few times a week. One day at the pool I had change her diaper twice. If you've ever had to pull a wet bathing suit off of a baby before, you know putting it back on seems impossible. They (the child and the swimsuit) gets cold, they squirm, it gets stuck, and they’re uncomfortable. Not to mention the tears...

That night I went home and decided I was going to find a bathing suit that was made similar to a onesie, with snaps between the legs to make my life easier. I googled it. It took me a while to find, but I found two companies that made them. I ordered both. Neither were very fashionable, nor were they made very well. At that moment I decided I was going to make one myself. When I told people my idea, and got such a positive response, I realized I was onto something. 

One year later "Salty Baby" was launched with a lot of help from a friend, and swimsuit genius Noelle Vazzano. Now we make high end, fashionable swimsuits that make diaper changes “easy breezy” for your salty baby! (with the added bonus of matching adult suits for mommas and boys!)