Your such a "milk snob"!

Originally from Germany; Melanie Disbrow, a fun loving “foodie” and proud mother of 3, moved to the USA in 2006.  Fueled by her creative and entrepreneurial spirit and her dream of creating beautiful yet practical products for moms around the world led to the birth of Milk Snob®. After unsuccessfully searching for a well-fitting and stylish infant car seat cover that provides protection against the elements and allows proper air circulation; she designed and created her own. The Milk Snob® Cover (initially known as the Paparazzi cover) was an instant and iconic success. The positive feedback from moms was overwhelming.  Its added utility as a nursing cover led to the design of the first patent pending multi-functional cover on the market. Now headquartered in the Dallas, TX area; Melanie and the Milk Snob® team will continue their enthusiastic pursuit of creating beautiful products for you and your child. 

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